What Would Cause a Glock 19 to Fire a Two Round Burst?

Over the weekend I attended the March 2013 Special Classifier Match at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. The match ran very well and I hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary, until the very last stage of the day.

Mike, a junior shooter and the nephew of the RO, stepped up to the line and prepared to shoot. I situated myself off to the side to snap some pictures of the stage. When the buzzer sounded, the shooter drew his gun and got down to business.

The first target array was shot smoothly, at which point the shooter reloaded and moved to engage a separate target array. As the shooter began putting rounds on the third array of targets, the Glock 19 did something I’ve never seen a Glock do. Two rounds were fired as if it were full auto.

The gun belongs to the RO, who leant it to his nephew to shoot the USPSA Match. The ammunition was reloaded with a home-cast bullet. I don’t know if the trigger has any additional parts installed or if it is stock with polished components.

I’ve seen a 1911 act in a similar fashion (in that case it was firing two to three round bursts depending on where the shooter reset the trigger). I’ve heard stories of the 1911 that went full-auto but I’ve never seen a Glock perform in this fashion.

What would have caused this Glock 19 to behave this way? Based on the shocked expression of the shooter, and the fact that he looked over his shoulder at the RO, I seriously doubt that it was intentional.

The original video can be seen on Dave Bair’s YouTube Channel. I stole borrowed the video so that I could chop it up and slow down the incident.


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