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Sword of Truth - Box Set 1A few posts back I made a list of all of the television shows that I am currently watching and those that I am waiting to return next season. One of those shows, Legend of the Seeker, is one that I am very fond of. While doing a little research on the show, I learned that the series is based off of a series of books entitled The Sword of Truth. The first season, based off of the first book entitled Wizards First Rule.

Being kind of bummed out that the show was off the air for the season while new episodes were shot, I gave alot of thought to reading the books to fill the void. I was hesitant to do so because I was afraid they would ruin the show for me. After all, being the source of ideas for the show, I was afraid that the books would lead me too far and allow me to know what was coming of the show before I actually watched it.

Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to go for it and read the first book of the series. Since season one was based on the first book only, I thought I had nothing to loose. I hopped onto amazon and ordered a box set containing books 1 through 3 and eagerly awaited their arrival.

When they arrived I was a little surprised by how thick they were. The average book that I read was on average 400 pages, these books were at least double that. Looking forward to what the books contained, I got started on a Saturday afternoon. Before the first chapter was complete, I knew I was hooked. For the remainder of the day I did nothing but read. As midnight approached, I forced myself to set the book down and get some rest.

On Sunday morning I got an early start and dove right back into the book. Unable to put it down, I continued to read throughout the day and into the night. I somehow managed to complete the first book in that second sitting and my eyes were weary. Looking at the clock, I realized that it was 3:30 AM.

Looking back at what I had read, I’m very glad that I decided to read the book. I found vast differences between the television show and what the book contained. My attention was gripped tight by the tale of Richard, Kahlan, and Zed.

Unlike other books I have talked about here on the site, I don’t want to say a word. There is so much packed into the book and so many twists and turns that I don’t want to ruin anything for those that intend to read Wizards First Rule.

If you enjoy tales of magic, wizards, and old ways, this book is one that you should most definitely read. It was by far the most captivating I had ever read and I eagerly look forward to continuing on with the series. In the video below I rambled on about my experience with the book, as well as a little on how I read and what goes on in my mind as I do so.


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5 thoughts on “Wizards First Rule – Sword of Truth Series

  1. What kind of Gurkha?

    I am going to have to pick these books up – I have been trying to get every Star Trek book published, but kind of fell away from them for a while, so maybe this will get me back into the hunting mode for my geekiness šŸ™‚

    I always buy hardback though, so I am a bit worried on the cost of this series!!! I might end up having to get the paperbacks do to lack of funds (cant cut into the cigar buying dammit)

    I am really surprised that it doesnt seem to ruin the tv show! I would think that even just knowing what happens in the 2nd book might ruin the suspenseful ending of the first season of the tv show.

    Happy reading šŸ™‚


  2. Mike,
    The cigar was a Gurkha Black Dragon.

    I like buying hardbacks as well but being tight on funds myself I had to go with, the more economical, paperback.

    The endings were surprisingly different. Thinking back on it I think that if the ending of the book was used on the TV show, the finale would have been far better.

    All of those side stories which have Richard and Kahlan helping people along the way make the show fun for me. None of that is in the book. That is why I’m not worried about diving into he next book (which I may do today).

    Thanks for the comment

  3. What age group are these books geared towards? Just curious, is it something only adults would enjoy or something like Harry Potter that really anybody can pick up and read?

    The genre is not something I typically read, but I might give it a try. I’ve been in a bit of a reading freeze ever since I finished the Dark Tower series (definitely read those if you haven’t), and I would certainly enjoy reading another good series of books in the near future.

  4. Chris,
    Is the Gunslinger by Stephen King part of the Dark Tower series? I read that book years ago while on a Stephen King kick and didn’t go any further with it.

    I would think these books are geared towards adults. Even though I haven’t read the Lord of the Rings series yet (I do have it), I think that would be closer to The Sword of Truth than Harry Potter in regards to target demographic.


  5. Walt,

    The Gunslinger is indeed the first of the Dark Tower series. The interesting thing about this series is that the first book was written by King when he first started his writing career, while the last book (there are 7 of them) was written in 2005 I believe. After the accident where he was hit by a car, he kicked into high gear and finished the last 3 books. The Dark Tower is a terrific read. Lord of the Rings is also terrific, the movies were excellent but the books are better.

    I will definitely check this series out soon, though. Thanks for sharing.

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