You’re so money baby!

Swingers DVD CoverAfter dinner on Valentines day, my wife and I were unwinding on the couch. She felt like watching a movie so we started flipping through the list of available titles On Demand. With nothing of interest in the new movies listing, we made our way to the large list of free movies.

After a couple of minutes of blindly flipping through the available titles, my wife saw a Vince Vaughn movie that she thought I might like. The movie was Swingers, released in 1996. Having enjoyed most of the stuff I’ve seen Vince Vaughn in, we decided to give it a shot.

The main character is Mike Peters, played by Jon Favreau. Mike just got out of a six year relationship and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of getting acting work. The movie picks up six months later as he is trying to forget about the woman in his life. Trent Walker, played by Vince Vaughn, is a friend from Las Angeles that is trying to get Mike to break free and move on in his life.

The pair, along with several friends, hit the club scene and try to pick up women. In a single night the guys would manage to bounce from club to club, to club. While Trent and other friends easily picked up women, Mike would repeated shoot himself in the foot while trying.

After a comedic scene of Trent explaining to Mike that he was a big bear with razor sharp claws, Mike makes an attempt to pounce on a defenseless bunny. Mike succeeds and walks away with a phone number, which he uses later that night to make himself out to be a complete looser.

As the movie progresses, Mike meets a woman that makes him forget about his six-month string of depression. The movie ends happily ever after and includes a variety of funny scenes. In addition to Jon FavreauOpens in a new tab. and Vince VaughnOpens in a new tab., the movie contains other known actors such as; Ron LivingstonOpens in a new tab., Patrick Van HornOpens in a new tab., Alex DésertOpens in a new tab., and Heather GrahamOpens in a new tab..

Even though I thought the movie was okay, I must admit that if I would have heard the words “baby” or “money” one more time, I may have spontaneously vomited.

The Bunny Clip

What was the last movie that you
Watched on a whim and found to be okay?


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3 thoughts on “You’re so money baby!

  1. Nice review Walt. What won’t you guys review? LOL

    Jerry, I too saw Dan In Real Life, only difference was that I didn’t know it wasn’t going to be a comedy per se…So I watched and waited for something 40yr old virgin or office-esqe to happen…nada.


  2. Baby, this movie is so money.

    But seriously, my wife and I watched Knocked Up on a whim a couple months ago and were rolling on the floor laughing. Excellent movie.

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