Photo of an eye with photoshop editing

A week or so ago, I was pacing around the house trying to kill some time. I had a couple of things to take care of later in the afternoon and I had no interest in using television to pass the time. Instead I grabbed my camera and began stalking my prey.

My unsuspecting wife was on the phone with her mother as I snuck through the house. With camera in hand, I sprung from around the corner and snapped away. The first photo was blurry and consisted mostly of the refrigerator behind my subject. The second was focused and a close-up of my wife’s eye. I got off a couple of more photos before my wife began swatting at me and I was forced to retreat.

Having only killed about a minute of my spare time, I headed to my laptop to see what I could do with the photos. Most of them looked as if I sprung up and snapped away at an unsuspecting subject. One, however, I found interesting.

My second photo, of the eye, was the one I wanted to play around with. I imported it into photoshop and began messing around. Not having a whole lot of experience with this piece of software, I headed over to YouTube to brush up on photo editing techniques.

After playing with color tones, blurring the skin slightly, and overlaying layers to create more depth, I had the final result, which I am quite fond of. The above photo is my end result. I must say, I think it turned out pretty good under the circumstances in which it was shot.

What is your favorite website
to learn Photoshop techniques?