Slimming Down Dad Episode 10: An Interview with Lindsay Heller

I was listening to a podcast the other day on podcasting (I know, that sounds weird) but the host threw out a pretty interesting statistic. Something like the majority of new podcasts never make it past episode 7.

I suppose there is a variety of factors involved. Low listener count, it becomes more work than anticipated, so on and so forth. I’m happy to say that we’ve busted past that dreaded statistic and reached the first of many milestones.

Episode 10 is not only a milestone, it also happens to contain an amazing interview with Lindsay HellerOpens in a new tab.. Lindsay is another friend from the cigar community (Much like Jerry Cruz on Episode 8, Keith Queen on Episode 6, and Tom Adcock on Episode 3) and has become quite the runner.

Lindsay is currently training for the New York City MarathonOpens in a new tab., which was a very big discussion topic, as you would imagine. In addition to the marathon we discussed gear, fitness, and finding the time to dedicate to training.

In fact, I enjoyed this interview so much that it inspired me to start running with a purpose. I’ve ditched my mundane cardio routine and have began a Novice 10K Training Program. In addition, this episode also inspired the Slimming Down Dad 10K Virtual Fun Run.

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