The Creeper – Chapter 3

This is yet another continuation to my Write AnythingOpens in a new tab. Fiction Friday entry entitled The Creeper. This is the shortest of the three entries but I think this helps close out the journey to the cabin. I think that I’m going to edit and combine all of the pieces after one of two more installments. At that point I’ll take a look at where I am, in regards to the storyline, and go from there.

The Creeper

The Creeper – Chapter 3

The previous nights chill quickly dissipated as the morning sun rose higher and higher into the sky. Dew clung to the waist high grass, soaking Tom to the bone. The added weight of wet cloths combined with the heat of the rising sun was sapping his strength at an alarming rate. Sweat flowed freely from the boys skin, stinging his eyes and splattering every which way with every step.

“Can we take a break and rest I the shade?”. Tom’s low shaky voice broke the silence. The two had not said a word since they started off through the grass.

“The trip to the cabin has already lasted twice as long as it should have. We need not rush back to my cabin but I would not like to delay. I have been gone too long already. Stay in Zeus’s track, the walking will be easier.” Karn’s words were final and he never broke his stride as he trudged on.

“He is even meaner than Molly” Tom thought to himself. The walking wasn’t hard, it was just so hot. Every inch of his body was wet, either from liquid on the grasses or his own sweat. Blisters were forming on both feet and walking was becoming painful. “I didn’t even know I could get a blister there” Tom thought to himself as he winced at the latest pain to be brought to his attention.

The blisters were painful but were overshadowed by the throbbing pain in his head. With every thump of his feet into the grass, a thud of pain reverberated through his mind. “So thirsty, if it wasn’t so gross I’d suck the water right off the grass”. The thought crossed his mind and for one brief moment, he considered doing it.

“It isn’t much farther. The cabin is just up ahead, it should be in sight very soon.” The voice boomed out from ahead. Karn as his dog had not hastened their pace but Tom was lagging behind as his mind drifted. Concentrating on moving forward was becoming difficult and his vision was becoming hazy.

“Pick up the pace boy, this is far from a strenuous hike”. Karn’s voice was firm but sounded as if it were no more than a whisper as it rippled into the boy’s clouded mind. “Not much farther” Tom panted to himself in a now husky voice. Shaking his head, as if it would clear his foggy mind, Tom trudged on. Before taking six steps he stumbled and found himself face down in the wet grass,

“I pushed you too hard, too fast”. Karn’s words were meant for himself but they somehow penetrated Tom’s mind as he vaguely felt his body hefted from the ground. “But times are hard, now is not the time to be weak”. Those were the last words to enter the boy’s mind as he slipped into unconsciousness.

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