Win a Signed Copy of SHOOT by Julie Golob – June Edition

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If you are into shooting, you are probably familiar with the name Julie GolobOpens in a new tab.. She is a highly accomplished professional shooter with a number of titles. She has appeared on a number of televised shooting programs, which most recently include Top ShotOpens in a new tab., Top GunsOpens in a new tab., and Shooting USAOpens in a new tab..

What you may not know about Julie Golob (or perhaps you do if you’ve been listening to my Shooting The Breeze Podcasts – Episode 34 | Episode 25 | Episode 19 | Episode 17 | Episode 16 – Wow, after typing up that list I feel like such a fanboi) is that she recently wrote a book entitled SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition.

During the winter months, when local USPSA Shooting was on hiatus, I had the pleasure of reading Julie’s book. After reading SHOOT, I recommended it on my podcast and to a couple of personal friends. The few people that told me that they purchased the book, seemed to enjoy it as well.

Fast-forward a few months. I was recently thinking that it would be cool to do a series of contests to help promote the Walt In PA blog and my Shooting The Breeze Podcast. My thought was to run a month long contest, every month for a year. This left me needing an affordable prize that would appeal to a wide range of gun enthusiasts. SHOOT by Julie Golob was the first item that came to mind.

Wanting to do a little cross promotion, I reached out to my good friend Jerry CruzOpens in a new tab. from Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab. to see if he had any interest in sponsoring the prizes (Jerry and I being co-founders of Stogie Review certainly didn’t hurt) and he was on-board with the idea. A few days later I placed an order for a dozen copies of SHOOT by Julie Golob.

When I was in the process of finalizing the prize, I made mention of my plans on TwitterOpens in a new tab., FacebookOpens in a new tab., and Google+Opens in a new tab., and got a message from Julie that she would be happy to sign a book plate for each winner. I was happy to take her up on her offer and add a nice personal touch to the already enjoyable read.

As of June 1, 2012, a winner was randomly selected, and successfully contacted, for the month of May. With two successful contests under our belts, lets move right along to the third of twelve monthly contests.

How to Enter:

Last week I was packing my gear for a local USPSA Match when I went to grab a couple of boxes of ammunition from my basement. As I stood over the once-full case of 9mm Federal 115 Grain Ammunition I realized that I was going to need to run out and pick up some more if I wanted to make it through the entire match.

This scenario also acted like a swift kick in the pants to get me back into the mindset of reloading my own ammunition. In the coming months, I plan to begin doing just that but in the meantime I’ll need to continue shooting through factory ammunition.

For an entry into this months contest, I would like you to head down to the comment section and tell us what ammunition you shoot most frequently.

  • All entries must be in by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, June 30, 2012.
  • A winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email before the end of the week.
  • The winner has 7 days to claim their prize. After 7 days another winner will be randomly selected.
  • One entry per person (multiple entries will disqualify you altogether).
  • I’ll be shipping this prize out-of-pocket, so USA and Canada only, please.
Support those that Support Me:

Please take a minute to thank Stogie Review for providing these prizes. You can do that by visiting the Stogie Review WebsiteOpens in a new tab., ‘Liking’ the Stogie Review Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., or by sending a quick thank you via Twitter.


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62 thoughts on “Win a Signed Copy of SHOOT by Julie Golob – June Edition

  1. 9mm Federal 115 Grain. Best target stuff around for the price. Best deal is at Walmart but they are always sold out.

  2. I’ve tried a few loads in the past year, and I’ve settled on Blazer Brass 124gr 9mm. It feeds well, it shoots clean, and I’ve had no issues at all.

  3. Generally…CCI Standard Velocity .22 or CCI Blazer .22 is my most common round. Other than that, Federal 115 Gr 9mm. I love me some centerfires, but you can put so many more rounds down range with .22 for so much less.

  4. I shoot PMC bronze 9mm 115 grain FMJ the most. $10 per box of 50, can’t beat it!

  5. I either shoot reloads from Milwall or my own reloads in 9mm, .40, .45, .357, and .44.

  6. I reload only 9mm on a Lee Classic Turret using Precision Delta 147gr FMJ, range brass and Solo 1000. Chronos at around 130PF. Here’s a handloading cost calculator to figure out costs:

    If I was going to purchase live rounds in bulk, I’d likely hit up Atlanta Arms & Ammo or DC Ammo.


  7. Winchester White Box — cheapest deal around and lets me collect brass. It’s that or my handloads for me.

    For my range club, I provide WWB or Wolf

  8. I shoot the local USPSA matches here in Brunswick, GA using PMC Bronze 230 gr. 45ACP ball ammo. I’m not crazy about it being from Korea, but it’s clean and consisent. Never any problems with it compared to reloaded ammo from other Georgia suppliers. There’s been a rash of squibs at the matches lately, and PMC has never been a problem. It helps that it’s inexpensive too. šŸ˜€

  9. I’ve been shooting a wide variety over the past 6 months, trying to find what each of my M&P’s like. For most of them I’ve been happiest with Fiocchi 115 grain FMJ for target/practice. I just picked up a bunch of Fiocchi 40gr LSP’s in .22 to try them out. I shoot .22 about 6 to 1 ratio over the 9mm to keep the cost down and keep the trigger finger active.

  10. Since I no longer have the time to reload, I most often use CCI Blazer 115 gr. FMJ as my range ammo. I’ve found it completely reliable in my Glock 17, 19 & 26.

  11. Shooting 9mm, I typically reload with 115gr Montana Gold with Power Pistol powder.
    For classes which do not allow reloads, Winchester and Federal.

  12. 185 grain .45ACP

    Less muzzle jump, plus 100fps faster = +50 ft/lbs energy over 230 grain.

  13. For my EDC, I shoot a lot of Golden Saber 124+p so I know how it shoots. For the .380, I run tons of CCI Blazzer FMJ’s. I carry the Hornady Critical Defense though!

  14. I only shoot my carry ammo. Yes, it’s expensive, but you train like you fight.

    180 grain Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel JHP

  15. I am a new shooter, I’ve only been shooting since March. I started out shooting American Federal, then several hundred rounds of WWB. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding 9mm ammunition near me, and stumbled across a LGS that sells reloads. I picked up 500 rounds of CCI at a gun show, so I’ll be shooting those for a while. I really haven’t found “what’s best”, and the lack of availability has made it tough to purchase something consistently.

  16. “…tell us what ammunition you shoot most frequently.’

    It’s always handloads, {with the exception of rifle ammo}

    Use same load for both USPSA Production & IDPA SSP

    or ESP. Depending on the season, it’s either Titegroup

    or WIN WSF, Fiocchi primers, 1xFired FED cases, 124

    gr. X-Treme PRN @ 1.145” for a Glock 34.

  17. I use talmo 9mm luger. It’s cheap at 9.95 a box at Walmart and all my guns shoot it without issues.

  18. My favorite ammo is made by my husband. The best 9mm he makes is a molly coated 147. My fav 38 special he loads is a molly coated round with WST. If he loads it I will Shoot IT!

  19. Basically, whatever I can get cheap! I’ve been trying to shoot 124gr 9mm, based on the thought that there will be reduced recoil since a lower velocity is required to meet power factor. Still ramping up my own reloads.

  20. I shoot .50-70 black powder reloads and sometimes .45-70 .
    I always draw a crowd at the range with my Civil War and Indian War rifles.
    Just purchased at an auction an old Model 1867 Navy pistol, and look forward to shooting it.
    Tell me something else that was manufactured over 145 years ago that still functions well today?

  21. I typically shoot cheap brass or even steel while training with my KAC SR15. I know I should use fancier ammo, but I’ve never had a problem, and why use the expensive stuff on paper and steel targets?

  22. For target practice, I usually shoot lead SWC. For some practice, and for routine carry I usually stick with Nosler 135gr JHP bullets in my .40S&W handguns and Speer 200gr Gold Dot JHP bullets in my .45 ACP’s. I use Accurate brand powder for all of my loads. I load my own ammo, both target and carry, and have done so for over 20 years. Target ammo get’s a used brass consisting of a mix of brands. Carry loads gets new or cleaned, polished and inspected used brass. I load my own ammo, both target and carry, and have done so for over 20 years.

  23. Hey. I’m a relaoder too. I reload for both my 9mm and of my favorite the 45acp. I have enjoyed shooting my entire life. I shot my first gun at 12. It was a double barrel 12ga. My stepfather asked me what I thought about it. My comment was you got anymore shells.

  24. I use Federal and Winchester 9mm 115 grain for practice and Corbon hollow point for carry. They work great in my Rugar SR 9C.

  25. I’ve settled on Speer Lawman 9mm 124gr FMJ in my Glock 17 that I use in GSSF matches. My carry ammo is Powerball in either 9mm or 380.

  26. I shoot 115gr Blazer aluminum cased 9mm. I shoot a lot of it because it is cheap in my area and plentiful. I simply don’t have the time to set up and begin reloading my own ammo. Time can be a much more valuable asset than the $ saved by reloading.

    But…..the ammo I shoot the most of is .22lr. It is cheap, plentiful, fun and I have so many 22’s that it is hard to NOT take one to the range.

  27. I cook my own reloads. Why? Because it is cheaper! Also reloading relaxes the heck out of me and I don’t depend on a store’s hours.

    Recipes for 9mm:
    Take a boatload of assorted recovered ammo from the range and place on tumbler with appropriate amount of crushed walnut which I bought more cheaply at the pet store under lizard bedding than the professional stuff I get any store. I spice the mix of brass and media with maybe a teaspoon of Brasso if the media is virgin. Some find it too spicy because of the ammonia and claim it may make the brass too brittle. I haven’t had any problems and the media can be reused several times without need of adding more spice. Cook at medium high vibration for 2 hours at least or as Kaywinnet Lee “Kaylee” Frye would say “shinny!”
    Once the brass is done, separate brass from media in your tactical spaghetti strainer and proceed to load following all the safety rules. The final ingredients I USE are:

    Bullet: Berry’s Bullets, 124 grains JHP
    Primer: Winchester Small Pistol primer.
    Powder: Titegrup, 4.2 grains (Makes the load spicy yet does not give you heartburn)

    For .357 Magnum (Yes, I am a nutjob that actually shoots .357 in IDPA)
    Bullet: Zero Bullets, 125 grains, JHP.
    Primer: Winchester Small Pistol Magnum primers
    Powder: TiteGrup 6.8 grains which gives you a spicy meatball, without having to grow the chest hair required to shoot the top load of 7.5 grains of TG. That is for manly men.

    WARNING: These are MY formulas. I am not recommending anybody to use them for their shooting. I have tested these formulas in MY GUNS and nobody else’s, starting from lower amounts of powder till I felt I had the right combination of speed, power and safety. If you are foolish enough to try them and something happens to you or your gun, your bad luck. You have been warned.

  28. We were using Winchster White Box 115gr. JHP at the range, but it got to be too expensive, so now we hand load.

  29. CCI 22, if we’re out plinking, RWS/FMJ 9 mm luger (swiss ammo) 124 grain for target shooting in the 9’s BUT Hornady is a personal favorite!

  30. I like Remington UMC 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point. It runs well in my pistol and is cheap enough to practice extensivly with my carry ammo.

  31. Federal and Winchester 115 grain fmj from Wally World. Whichever is in stock. I really need to start rolling my own.

  32. The Winchester White Box 9mm from Wal-Mart. Cheap, reliable, easy to find (even out here in gun-unfriendly Kaliforniastan).

  33. I shoot my own reloads. .45 ACP 230Critical gain FMJ with about 4.2 grains of powder. For defense I rock out with Hornaday critical defense 183 (?)and grain, at least until they come out with the critical duty for .45. Most practice is bulk. 22LR as well.

  34. Whatever’s cheapest! Periodically I’ll get a pretty good deal on Winchester White Box 9mm. When I run out of that I’ll usually pick up Federal 115 grain. Last time the Blazer brass was the most economical option at my favorite shop. The steel case and Russian stuff runs fine in my gear, so I might order some of that. I’d like to start making my own reloads and save a little bit on each round.

  35. Not factory, I reload for most of my shooting. The best load I have right now for my S&W M&P .40 VTAC is a 170 cast T/C lead bullet made from a Lee 6 cavity mold. The actual weight cast from WW is 183 grains. I use range brass with WW small pistol primers and 4.9 gr. of WW 231 powder. This load combo is loaded to an OAL of 1.30″ and is doing 936 fps at 15′ from the muzzle. Best news is, it shoots dead on at the local indoor range.
    I am going to steal Miguel’s warning from above, this is my load, loaded on my equipment and tested in my gun. It worked fine for me, YMMV! I started with data from Lyman, started at the bottom of the suggested loads and worked my way up. This load is not the max., I did not need the max load in my gun. Don’t just copy this load, it may not work in your gun!
    One last tip, I run all of my brass through a Redding G-Rx push thru die to make sure all of my brass will work in my gun. .40 S&W brass shot in some other guns can get wide at the base, this die cures the problem.

  36. Remington UMC or Winchester .45ACP 230 gr FMJ are my target loads. Hydra-Shok and Hornady TAP for personal safety.

  37. Pretty much Winchester all the way. Shotgun win AA, Winchester white box for pistols, Winchester for my rifles except my ar15. Of course have to have the zombie max in case the undead show up. Pdx1 or critical defense for the self defense. Marbles or steel balls for the sling shot. Of course the paint balls don’t matter in color as long as they explode on contact!

  38. Remington 45 automatic 230 grain-this is what I use in my concealed carry and I practice most often with this gun.

  39. Your view of Julie Golob’s book is a good recommendation. It’s nice to hear that those you convinced to purchase it said they enjoyed it, too.

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