Slimming Down Dad Episode 1: Welcome

Welcome to the very first episode of Slimming Down Dad. This podcast is all about one Dad’s journey to lose weight and live a healthier life. In this episode I thought it best to thoroughly introduce myself. This is the story of how I have come to be overweight and how I went about making the decision to change.

Episode 1 runs about 35 minutes and, as you can probably tell, I was a bit nervous. When I made the decision launch the podcast I was extremely excited. As the days went by and my launch date approached, I became increasingly nervous. Not because because I was afraid to talk to a microphone but because the cause is very important to me. I was terrified of the first episode being a complete flop.

The first episode of Slimming Down Dad is far from perfect but, I must say, I’m proud of it and hope that you found it to be of value to you.

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