Win a Signed Copy of SHOOT by Julie Golob: January Edition

SHOOT by Julie Golob - Contest Prize - 1

If you are into shooting, you are probably familiar with the name Julie GolobOpens in a new tab.. She is a highly accomplished professional shooter with a number of titles. She has appeared on a number of televised shooting programs, which most recently include Top ShotOpens in a new tab., Top GunsOpens in a new tab., and Shooting USAOpens in a new tab..

What you may not know about Julie Golob (or perhaps you do if you’ve been listening to my Shooting The Breeze Podcasts – Episode 34 | Episode 25 | Episode 19 | Episode 17 | Episode 16 – Wow, after typing up that list I feel like such a fanboi) is that she recently wrote a book entitled SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition.

During the winter months, when local USPSA Shooting was on hiatus, I had the pleasure of reading Julie’s book. After reading SHOOT, I recommended it on my podcast and to a couple of personal friends. The few people that told me that they purchased the book, seemed to enjoy it as well.

Fast-forward a few months. I was recently thinking that it would be cool to do a series of contests to help promote the Walt In PA blog and my Shooting The Breeze Podcast. My thought was to run a month long contest, every month for a year. This left me needing an affordable prize that would appeal to a wide range of gun enthusiasts. SHOOT by Julie Golob was the first item that came to mind.

Wanting to do a little cross promotion, I reached out to my good friend Jerry CruzOpens in a new tab. from Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab. to see if he had any interest in sponsoring the prizes (Jerry and I being co-founders of Stogie Review certainly didn’t hurt) and he was on-board with the idea. A few days later I placed an order for a dozen copies of SHOOT by Julie Golob.

When I was in the process of finalizing the prize, I made mention of my plans on TwitterOpens in a new tab., FacebookOpens in a new tab., and Google+Opens in a new tab., and got a message from Julie that she would be happy to sign a book plate for each winner. I was happy to take her up on her offer and add a nice personal touch to the already enjoyable read.

As of August 1, 2012, a winner was randomly selected, and successfully contacted, for the month of July. With three successful contests under our belts, lets move right along to the fourth of twelve monthly contests.

How to Enter:

Over the past couple of months, things have been abnormally hectic. As a result, I’ve fallen behind with these SHOOT contests. No worries though, I’m going to get caught back up by giving away three books this month instead of the usual one. Please feel free to enter all three contests, just be aware that if you win a second book I’m going to pull a new name (You can enter all three but you can only win one book).

Book 1:
To be entered for a chance to win the first signed copy of SHOOT, all you’ll need to do is leave a comment anywhere on this blog. Each comment you leave earns you one entry (please don’t spam me, try to make your entry a contribution to the post in question). Enter as much as you like.

Book 2:
To be entered for a chance to win the second signed copy of SHOOT, you’ll need to use Facebook. Head on over to the Walt In PA Facebook PageOpens in a new tab. and comment on any Status Update / Photo / Link between Jan 1st and Jan 31st. You’ll receive one entry for each item that you comment on (one entry per update). It wouldn’t hurt to “Like” the page (Allows you to see new updates as they are posted – harder to forget the contest that way)

Book 3:
To be entered for a chance to win the third signed copy of SHOOT, I would like to you to use the Contact Form Below to suggest a blog post idea, discussion topic idea, or just something you would like to see on the blog. You can enter as often as you like, just try to space out your suggestions so that I’m not flooded with email.

[contact-form-7 id=”6861″ title=”SHOOT Contest”]


  • All entries must be in by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, January 31, 2013.
  • Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via email before the end of the week.
  • The winner has 7 days to claim their prize. After 7 days another winner will be randomly selected.
  • I’ll be shipping this prize out-of-pocket, so USA and Canada only, please.

Support those that Support Me:

Please take a minute to thank Stogie Review for providing these prizes. You can do that by visiting the Stogie Review WebsiteOpens in a new tab., ‘Liking’ the Stogie Review Facebook PageOpens in a new tab., or by sending a quick thank you via Twitter.


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